Host Genome x Diet Interaction QTL Database 1.0.

The database is the interface to Jbrowse which enables visualization of host genome (Mus Musculus) QTL and its interaction with diet regulating various physiological and patho-physiogical phenotypes.

The interface also provides SNPs and INDELs from four founder strains i.e. BxD2/TyJ, NZM2410/J, CAST/EiJ and MRL/MpJ for fine-mapping QTL to candidate genes.

Nurture, Nature and Traits

Welcome to download page!.

Thanks for showing intrest in the project. Our the manuscript is still under preperation. Therefore, downloading of the raw data is limited. But you can browse the genes and phenotypes of your interest in Jbrowse. Please contact Prof. Ralf Ludwig ( for more information.